April, 2020


DICE Discuss The Importance of Always Learning & Progressing

At DICE, we believe that change and growth comes from taking chances and being open to learning new skills. “A student mentality is fundamental in the business world. It helps us grasp onto different possibilities and ideas that are important to understand,” says the CEO of DICE. Most times individuals will believe that they have learned everything and they do not need to bother their mind further. This type of thinking is wrong, and these individuals are mistaken if they think that there is nothing else left to learn. Studies indicate that individuals that are constantly learning new skill sets are more likely to be put under the auspicious leadership category. 

Our world is constantly changing, and it is our job to make sure we are uncovering answers and finding information to understand. “When someone stops learning, they stop growing. When they stop growing, they are not alive anymore. They are not someone who can understand that the world is such an endless sea of possibilities and ideas. It is just a matter of learning these ideas and making sure that our minds are staying active,” says the CEO of DICE. Just as individuals need exercise to stay healthy, our minds need to be challenged with new information and strategies to stay active. 

DICE is also a firm believer that learning new tools and skill sets means individuals are opening the door for more opportunities for themselves. Opportunities that may not be available because of lack of experience are now wide open because someone has taken the initiative to make sure they are learning new skills. For example, say that a specific job requires coding skills and an individual does not have that qualification. Rather than giving up, this person will try to take a crash course, or take on voluntary work experience in a relevant field to learn how it’s done. This shows initiative, strive, hustle and strength. We admire a student mentality at DICE and know that it is our future for growth. 

Keeping ourselves and you safe!The measures we're taking in the pandemic

• Face mask / hand sanitizer access throughout office space
• 6 feet apart
• Limited capacity in the building
• Daily sanitization of office space